About Mr Atom

Just who IS Johnny Atom...

where does he come from and what does he do?

Johnny Atom Productions was formed in 2005 by industry PR veteran Simon Callaghan.


He has been a PR professional for almost two decades working in every aspect of the UK, European and US consumer media and where he has gained a reputation as one of the most respected, knowledgeable and committed PR professionals by both his peers and by journalists. During this time he has had spells at Electronic Arts during the formation of their UK PR department, and at Infogrames/Atari where he was Head of UK PR. He also had a spell at lifestyle PR Agency, Powerhouse Productions in the late 1990's as an Account Manager working on the UK launch of Sega's final game console, the Dreamcast.


Johnny Atom Productions is a company built on passion, knowledge, experience and commitment whose sole focus is to deliver the results that its clients expect.


Some of the gaming and entertainment franchises our team have worked on:

Aliens vs PredatorCivilizationDriverJames Bond 007

Need For SpeedSupermanThe MatrixThe Terminator

Unreal TournamentWarhammer


Some of the game developers our team have worked for:

BiowareDigital ExtremesEpic GamesFiraxis • Larian • Obsidian

Paramount Digital EntertainmentRebellion

ReflectionsShiny Entertainment

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